School of Architecture [61]


The School of Architecture is active in research with some 35 PhD and research Masters students working in a variety of themes. These themes range from Urban Design to Urban and Building Conservation to Building Energy and Environment and Irish & European Landscape.

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Recent Submissions

  • Pike, Michael (Gandon, 2009)
    Eglinton Court. Eglinton Court, Donnybrook, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, sections, models, elevs. Intention is to rebuild this 1960s building. This project was at planning stage in 2007.
  • Pike, Michael (Gandon, 2010)
    The Parade, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, map. The project involved the reconfiguration of the urban spaces around Kilkenny Castle to consolidate their public function.
  • Cody, Peter (Gandon, 2005)
    Wellington Road, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Includes: text, ill, plans, elevs, section, axon. Award winner
  • Cody, Peter (Gandon, 2012)
    John Dillon Street, Dublin 8, Republic of Ireland. Includes: axonometrics, photos, plans, site plans, text. Recpient of a Special Mention. The house is a small single storey brick dwelling typical of the Liberties where ...
  • O'Donnell, Sheila ; Tuomey, John (Gandon, 2010)
    An Gaelaras. Great James Street, Derry, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Includes: Text, photos, plans, elevs, sketches, sections.