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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2013Achieving enhanced DSSC performance by microwave plasma incorporation of carbon into TiO2 photoelectrodesDang, Binh H.Q.; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Dowling, Denis P.
18-Apr-2011Activation of hematite nanorod arrays for photoelectrochemical water splittingMorrish, Rachel; Rahman, Mahfujur; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Wolden, Colin Andrew
25-Jul-2011Application of a novel microwave plasma treatment for the sintering of nickel oxide coatings for use in dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, Muhammad; Rahman, Mahfujur; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Dini, Danilo; Vos, Johannes G.; Dowling, Denis P.
15-Oct-2014Bacterial adhesion onto nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes: Effect of permeate fluxCorreia-Semião, Andrea Joana C.; Habimana, Olivier; Casey, Eoin
29-Jul-2009Band gap engineering of (N, Ta)-codoped TiO2 : a first-principles calculationLong, Run; English, Niall J.
20-Feb-2000Biofilm Development in a Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor: Effect of Flow Velocity on PerformanceCasey, Eoin; Glennon, Brian; Hamer, G.
Dec-2010Characterisation of a modified rotating disk reactor for the cultivation of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilmCotter, John J.; O'Gara, James P.; Stewart, Philip S.; Pitts, Betsey; Casey, Eoin
Mar-2014Characterisitics of Streptomyces griseus biofilms in continuous flow tubular reactorsWinn, Michael; Habimana, Olivier; Casey, Eoin; Murphy, Cormac D.
Aug-2008Comparative economic analysis of full scale MABR configurationsCasey, Eoin; Syron, Eoin; Shanahan, John W.; Semmens, Michael J.
Jun-2013Comparative studies for evaluation of CO2 fixation in the cavity of the Rubisco enzyme using QM, QM/MM and linear-scaling DFT methodsEl-Hendawy, Morad M.; English, Niall J.; Mooney, Damian A.
May-2009Comparison of planktonic and biofilm cultures of Pseudomonas fluorescens DSM 8341 cells grown on fluoroacetateHeffernan, Barry; Murphy, Cormac D.; Casey, Eoin
25-Jul-2011Conversion of amorphous TiO2 coatings into their crystalline form using a novel microwave plasma treatmentDang, Binh H.Q.; Rahman, Mahfujur; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Dowling, Denis P.
28-Dec-2009Density functional theory description of the mechanism of ferromagnetism in nitrogen-doped SnO2Long, Run; English, Niall J.
Jun-2010Density functional theory studies of doping in TitaniaLong, Run; English, Niall J.
15-Jul-2013Detachment characteristics of a mixed culture biofilm using particle size analysisWalter, Maik; Safari, Ashkan; Ivankovic, Alojz; Casey, Eoin
7-Mar-2013Diffusive hydrogen inter-cage migration in hydrogen and hydrogen-tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydratesCao, H.; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
15-Dec-2013Disinfection of a polyamide nanofiltration membrane using ethanolHeffernan, R.; Correia-Semião, Andrea Joana C.; Desmond, P.; Cao, H.; Safari, Ashkan; Habimana, Olivier; Casey, Eoin
May-2011Disinfection of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms using a remote non-thermal gas plasmaCotter, John J.; Maguire, Paul; Soberon, Felipe; Daniels, Stephen; O'Gara, James P.; Casey, Eoin
6-Dec-2012Dye sensitised solar cells with nickel oxide photocathodes prepared via scalable microwave sinteringGibson, Elizabeth A.; Awais, Muhammad; Dini, Danilo; Dowling, Denis P.; Pryce, Mary T.; Vos, Johannes G.; Boschloo, Gerrit; Hagfeldt, Anders
3-Oct-2011Dynamical and energetic properties of hydrogen and hydrogen–tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydratesGorman, Paul D.; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
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